The Zodiac Tent


The largest Yurt Palace in the world, the Zodiac Tent is a reproduction of a 16th century court tent of the Mugul emperor Humayan. We have been building this tent for over 5 years, to function as a space for alternative theatre, and transformational events, and will be available for others when it isn’t in place as our own court tent in the mountains of Abruzzo, Italy.

This amazing tent complex will be available for hire – you can have a wedding in the open surrounded by 12 yurts, ….imagine…. the celestial sphere itself being present at your special day, or hire this tent for a festival, or for a performance space or even as a small village inside your festival, a small tribal area. Contact us now on 3388622686 for Prices and availability

natural cure to the madness

We are developing a new type of event, it’s sustainable tourism because it takes you to wild raw nature. It works on the inner you, the real bit that has been neglected…. The idea is simple, to allow the lost connectivity to the pattern, to the weave that sustains us all to reemerge. In these events in the magic of the wilds…… inside our tent palace we invoke the magic of self, but it is not an individual self it’s an impersonal self, a group mind that is reconnected to the whole, to nature, to place, to meaning.


We started the journey of the Zodiac Tent in 2012, when the same vision came to several people at the same time, so we took on the calling and set to build it. This movie was made at the start of the project, and our journey with this tent is worthy of a feature length film…but we haven’t made it yet…


Come and experience the power of being together in the wilds with a group of people dedicated to a transformational process to go deeper inside, within the nurturing force of nature.

..and our stories about it

It’s been quite a mission, full of calculations, logistics, crafting with wood and metal, and some blood, sweat and tears.

The Twelve zodiacal signs all under

The celestial sphere

The Zodiac tent is a joint structure, it embodies the effort of a group to come together, we have been building it as a symbol for the coming together of a group of artists, healers and performers. It is said about this tent that it emulates the celestial sphere with the 12 signs, a micro cosmos. It was said that the light of fortune of the stars shines in its windows.

This tent is now not only a space for our events its also up for hire, as a wedding space, a festival venue, or just an amazing magical space in which your dreams come true.


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