Your Way into Glamping in Italy


The Heartland Association is the home of sustainable tourism in Italy: yurts, safari tents, tipis, rural networking and much much more. It is based at Heartland, our site in the beautiful Majella Mountains of Abruzzo, Central Italy, where we have an evolving event centre and campground. The Association was created with rural re-development in mind, especially of abandoned lands in Abruzzo, also applicable to rural areas of Central Europe. We have some of the biggest names in the Glamping movement on board, so can offer a full package to every place, from site design to business plans, and of course the making and supply of tents. We welcome you to this sustainable revolution.

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A new type of themed experience

The Heartland Campground is a new form of campsite experience, one that is focused on being together. It is a wild mix of camping and transformation.

It is designed to bring us all back into the magic of tribal life, through living in nature in nomadic tents, and is modelled around group consciousness work and off-grid living. It is pioneering a movement of sustainable tourism of Italy.

Heartland Campground

This campground allows visitors to do more than just camp in nature, but to discover the core of being part of a greater whole.

Transformational Events

Our Events are always designed around consciousness, as a tool for the sharpening of awareness, alongside sustainable tourism and well-being.

Ideas for Sustainable Tourism in Italy

There is a Glamping revolution happening in Italy, as a part of rural regeneration. If you are looking to set up a glamping site in Italy you have come to the right place,


lovely work, lovely play, lovely food

There’s nothing like getting your hands dirty working on the land, seeing results and having the satisfaction of being part of a project developing and growing, learning new skills doing something you may never have even thought of doing.


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