Experts at rural development

We have worked with over 300 projects over the years.

We offer our help in consultancy, project management and site build up. Our main goal is to create a series of sustainable sites that build a new type of rurality. We have clients who are setting up new projects, from Agriturismo to wild nature walks, from rewlibding to heritage wheat, the key of a successful project, campsite or rural business is integration. Slowly but surely, 20 years of rural area design is coming into a new model we help others to achieve. We work in both Italian and English.

Coming back to nature

Expect to experience the unknown

Our own project is built around a mysterious farm in the middle of the forest. Studying oral traditions and rural population for years, have showed us that there is really only one way to establish the life and work balance in nature. We have developed a method for integration between, business, hospitality, and small community. Yet most of our ideas have come from the forest farm we own, La Difesa, and the contadino way of life. Unlike others we maintain that tourism, or rural business should not rely on the past, instead it needs to synthesise what made life sustainable, but emulate it using new foods, building and natural area.

The Times and the Record of the Times

Read the stories of the previous events: The Gate of Magic, The Yurt-Makers Heart, The Dance of Collective Alchemy, Fire of Dreaming, Yurts for Free and Work Times. Feel the mood and moods as the Mother Majella Mountain looks on.

A Magical Venue

If you are planning an event and are looking for a wild location, Heartland may be the place and we can work together with you to bring your event to Earth.

Spring Event 2019

For Spring 2019, there will be another event of exploring the link between nature and consciousness involving yurt-making, wild living and yummy food.

Nomadic events

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