Clearing abandoned olive fields.

Alongside all the different projects we follow, we are working on building the heartland centre as a rural solution, this is a little hard at times because work and other

Making money from your rural property in Italy

I think one of the biggest conflicts of our work in rural areas is its success. Over the years we have helped so many projects, consulting them, building ecological campsites

Rural development, an ancient affair

Generation theory claims that every 80 years history repeats itself, each cycle made of 4 “seasons”. We are now again in the end of a cycle, termed “winter”. We are

Sustainable Tourism Course, Part 1

I was teaching a university class as a guest speaker for my friend Rita Salvatore in the university of Teramo in Abruzzo recently. My lecture was about tourism. Rita wanted

Bringing a Sustainable Vision to Glamping

This is a longer version of an article which was featured in the June edition of the International Glamping Magazine. As a result of the number of different campsites we

Beltane Magic – Heartland Event Spring 2019

This is our next event in the Heartland site in Abruzzo, Italy. This gathering is about exploring the link between consciousness and nature. In our events, we aim to take

The Heartland Programme

We promised some exciting new plans for this year, and we have been working hard. We spent a lovely sun-bathed day putting a new yurt up in Pianella Abruzzo for

The Best Pesto, the Italian Za’atar and the secret for making guys fall in love

The Italian Za’atar Three years ago I have planted some Za’atar (Origanum syriacum) in the land we have in Italy, this is a native plant in Israel and the surrounding countries it

“Before it’s Too late”

My inspiration currently is food, I’m getting really excited about the connection between old vegetables, cereal and legumes and a way of life that is being forgotten. Like you probably