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Thinking of being part of the sustainable tourism wave in Italy as it gains momentum? Then check out our hand-picked ideas for sustainable tourism in Italy especially aimed at Glamping Sites. Look here for safari tents, whole site franchises, yurts, tipis, Shepherds Huts, hot tubs, saunas, compost toilets, off-grid power systems, Italian property, marketing ideas and more.

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The best Domes In Italy

Suppliers of Completely Furnished Safari Tents and Lodges

Geodesic domes are styley, and a great use of space, allowing all needs to be accounted for under one roof. We offer a full range of tents at affordable prices.


Tent Magicians

Spirits Intent is our UK business, which has produced some of the finest nomadic tents over the years, inspired by our love of the nomadic traditions. We make yurts, tipis, and other tents to order and have a passion for original structures and tent palaces.

We also build complete campsites from the ground up and can advise you on all stages of the process.


A Complete Franchise Model to Start a Glamping Site

Featherdown is one of the best known names in family farm holidays in the UK as well as other European countries and we are now bringing it to Italy, to introduce this model to the Italian Glamping world as it blossoms.

Their accommodation is canvas tents or log cabins, complete with rustic furniture, and they offer a comprehensive franchise model with full support at every stage: site assessment, business plan, booking website, and a solid financial contract. It is suitable for farms, vineyards or any other outdoor location who want to be part of a network of franchises as an uncomplicated way to start a glamping site.


Wooden Camping Pods, Huts and Extras

Cute and rustic, the camping pod is a long-lasting, wooden structure designed for all year round living which can be put almost anywhere. These can be installed on your site or can be delivered flat-packed for you to assemble.


Cabins on Wheels

The Shepherds Hut is a traditional dwelling, perfect for a luxury living space, with a historic, romantic feel. It is built on wheels so can be moved around.


An ecological solution for toilet waste.

If you’ve never used one, you may think they sound smelly, but in fact compost toilets are often less smelly than standard ones, and can be equally posh and discrete. Think about all that clean drinking water which goes to flush our toilets, to be purified to go through the system again – what an inefficient use of resources. Also the waste can be completely broken down to be used for compost on plants and trees: an ecological solution for dealing with wees and poos, particularly good for off-grid sites.


Hot Tubs and Saunas

The ultimate way to unwind and cleanse the body: hot soak in a jacuzzi or sweat in a sauna. Naked Flames Tubs and Sauna are handmade and wood fired.


It’s a perfect time to buy.

Looking for a great place in Abruzzo?

There are many suitable properties in Abruzzo for developing a Glamping project, and prices are still affordable. We have a hand-picked list, being constantly updated, of amazing, available properties perfect for developing such a site.

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