Thinking of being part of the regenerative tourism wave in Italy as it gains momentum? Then check out our hand-picked ideas for sustainable tourism in Italy especially aimed at Glamping Sites. Look here for safari tents, whole site franchises, yurts, tipis, Shepherds Huts, hot tubs, saunas, compost toilets, off-grid power systems, Italian property, marketing ideas and more.

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The Best Domes In Italy

Suppliers of Completely Furnished Safari Tents and Lodges

Geodesic domes are styley, and a great use of space, allowing all needs to be accounted for under one roof. We offer a full range of tents at affordable prices.


Tent Magicians

Spirits Intent is our UK business, which has produced some of the finest nomadic tents over the years, inspired by our love of the nomadic traditions. We make yurts, tipis, and other tents to order and have a passion for original structures and tent palaces.

We also build complete campsites from the ground up and can advise you on all stages of the process.

European Made Yurts

Rural Tourism

Your own campsite

Build a campsite to bring in income to your agriturismo or farm.