A Revolution in Sustainable Tourism

A way to diversify and bring income to marginalised areas, building small economy and interest, slow one person at a time sort of tourism, built hand-in-hand with a return to nature and organic farming.

It’s a revolution because it brings us back to what matters, and it also gives us each a sustainable way to make a living from it.

The clock is ticking, in order to meet climate goals we have had to design new ways to make tourism in rural areas regenerative. So not only we aim for carbon negative project design, we focus on giving rural community context orientated models to preserve their patrimony as custodians of a future which is led by small rural community.

Countryside Re-invented

Social Innovation in marginal rural areas

The cultivated countryside in Central Italy has been abandoned and left in ruin. The Heartland Association has created a new model in which farmers and small property owners diversify into sustainable tourism. As a partner of Tent Makers, Spirits Intent, we have solutions for everyone, be it a small tent campsite for the agriturismo, Shepherd huts for a b&b, or an amazing wooden house for a restaurant. All are special ways to take your old country home and turn it into a social and economical engine, allowing you to go back to nature but in style.

Regenerative tourism aims to become a small engine in a model for the survival of farms and projects, where most progress and design aims for the sell off rural areas, or over developing them as holiday locations, we focus on their resilience and tradition.

Heartland Campground

The Campground at Heartland is something to be experienced.

Glamping on Working Farms

We are now introducing to Italy this network of Glamping Sites, with many locations already all over Europe. Safari tents with beautiful rustic furniture and a central booking system for all their sites, a great route if you have a farm, or any rural land and are looking to diversify.

Some nice photos

See some pictures of Heartland and the surrounding area. Although, of course it is better to experience it in Reality…

The way of the Heart

The Green Heart is our symbol because we call people to go back in time, starting small initiatives in nature, turning their country homes into havens… into living parks where nature and people can co-inhabit. Twenty years in the field of regenerative tourism has taught us a lot: what works and what doesn’t and we are putting it all of it into practice, weaving it hand in hand with an ecological approach. Natural Camping isn’t just an economical venture, it’s a new way of living, allowing for small centres to pop up all over the land, regenerating Italy, like a phoenix that will rise from the ashes of abandonment, a fiery bird that brings innovation and renewal.

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